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Optimising subsurface well design for coastal desalination water harvesting. Australian Journal of Earth Sciences 56, 53-60. Anderson, D.J., W.A. Timms and W.C. Glamore Technical journals & books 2009
Numerical model testing of groundwater flow concepts for Mine Pit No. 1. UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report 2000/02, June 2009. Anderson, DJ, CD Wasko, WA Timms and SE Pells Technical reports 2009
Conjola regional Sewerage Scheme - Groundwater monitoring and response plan. UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report 2008/37, March 2009. Anderson, DJ, WA Timms and CD Wasko Technical reports 2009
Callala Villages Sewerage Scheme Investigation of Sand Dune exfiltration, Stage 1. NSW Public Works, Manly Hydraulics Laboratory, Report MHL 639, 19pp. Anderson, P., Acworth, I. & Jankowski, J. Technical reports 1993
Caves: observatories of Australia’s diffuse groundwater recharge history. Australian Groundwater Conference 2015 Abstracts, 204 Andy Baker, Pauline Treble, Martin Andersen, Monika Markowska, Katie Coleborn, Ingrid Flemons, Kempsey Speleological Society Conference presentations 2015
Salt water intrusion in the coastal aquifer of the Southern Po Plain, Italy. Hydrogeology Journal. Published on-line 21 June 2008, DOI 10.1007/s10040-008-0319-9 Antonellini M, Mollema P, Giambastiani BMS, Bishop K, Caruso L, Minchio A, Pellegrini L, Sabia M., Ulazzi E., Gabbianelli G Technical journals & books 2008
Field studies to characterise stalagmite records from Harrie Wood Cave, Yarrangobilly. Australian & New Zealand Geomorphology Group (Inc.) 15th Biennial Meeting 2012, Bundanoon, NSW. arkowska, M., Treble, P., Baker, A., Tadros, C., Hankin, S., Andersen, M., McDonald, J., Roach, R. Conference presentations 2012
Are groundwater salinity changes in the Namoi catchment leading to the degradation of beneficial uses?. In: McLean, W., and Milne-Holme B. NSW IAH Symposium 2011: Hydrogeology in NSW - the Challenge of Uncertainty, Dockside, Sydney, Australia, 5-6 September. Badenhop A, Timms WA, Kelly BFJ, Witts B, Rayner D & Mehrabi, S Conference presentations 2011
Managed Aquifer Recharge in Sydney Coastal Sand Aquifers. In: Milne-Home, W (ed.) Groundwater in the Sydney Basin. IAH NSW Symposium, 4-5th August, 2009. Badenhop A.M, W.A. Timms Conference presentations 2009
Developing sustainable groundwater supplies for irrigating parks. 1st Australian Young Water Professionals Conference, UNSW, Sydney, February 15-17, Paper 3.13, Online at Badenhop, A. and Timms, W. Conference presentations 2006