In the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences the CWI has the following equipment:

  • Trase System 1 and TDR Multiplexers (BEES 601)
  • Soil Moisture Probe MPKIT (BEES 601)
  • Heat field deformation sapflow meters (three): (BEES 601)
  • SonTek river surveyor (streamflow and and cross section) (BEES 601)
  • Tough notebook with Midland Valley field move installed: (BEES 601)
  • Picarro G2132-i Analyzer (BEES 519)
  • EXO2 water quality platforms with DO, pH, EC, FDOM, Chl and T probes (five platforms) (BEES 601)
  • Horiba Aqualog Fluorescence Spectrometer (with temperature controller, Solo PARAFAC software)
  • Turner Designs Chlorophyll, CDOM and Turbidity fluorescence probes. One handheld datalogger. Twelve down-bore dataloggers. 7 CDOM and Chlorophyll probes, 1 Turbidity probe. (BEES 601)
  • Picarro water liquid water isotope analyser (H, O)
  • CO2 probes (Viasala). 2 vented probes, three unvented probes, three handheld dataloggers.
  • Hach nitrate colorimeter
  • Hach ammonia colorimeter
  • Hach phosphate colorimeter
  • Field multiparameter meter (DO, pH, EC and ion selective electrodes)
  • Groundwater dip meters (2)

Within the Mark Wainwright Analytical Centre, the CWI has purchased the following equipment:

  • Picarro iTOC (13-C DOC  and DIC analyser; Picarro cavity ringdown mass spectrometer coupled to a OI instruments wet oxidation carbon analyser)
  • ITRAX x-ray fluorescence core scanner
  • Thermo-Finnigan MAT253 mass spectrometer with Keil Carbonate Device for O and C isotope analyses

In the School of Mining Engineering, the CWI has the following equipment:

  • SRI portable gas chromotographs
  • De-airator, column pump, and fraction collector
  • Geocomp load frame with triaxial cell, UCS and oedometer modules

In the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Kensington, the CWI has the following equipment:

  • Multiwave Microwave, PRO SOLV 50 Hz Reaction System with IR temperature sensor control and Rotor 16HF100 with gas-loading kit. Contains: 16 reaction vessels with teflon liners (high temperature and pressure vessels (240 degreesC at 40 Bar) made of ceramic jacket and PTFE-TFM liner (100 mL)) suitable for acidic and alkaline reactions or use of organic solvents. Gas-loading kit enables vessels to be purged with inert gas prior to sealing. Each vessel monitored by temp sensors and can be used with magnetic stirrers. 
  • Peristaltic Pump

In the School of Civil and Environmental Engineening, at Manly Vale, the CWI has the following facilities and equipment:

  • Mobile field laboratory
  • Geoprobe drillrig including hydraulic profiler
  • Groundwater dip meters (8)
  • Soil moisture probes (10)
  • Peristaltic pumps (2)
  • Field Hach meter (incl. pH, DO and EC probes)
  • Hach Alkalinity titration kit
  • Solinst low flow bladder pump
  • Broadbent geotechnical centrifuge with permeameter and strong box modules
  • Pore water squeezers  
  • Leica M205C Stereo microscope with camera
  • Los Gatos Isotopic Liquid Water and Water Vapour Analyzer (D2H, D18O), Model: 912-0026.
  • TitraLab870 Titration Manager
  • Agilent Tech Cary 60 UV-Vis molecular spectroscopy
  • Beckman Coulter Centrifuge with 2 rotors, Model: Allegra X-15R
  • Distributed Temperature Sensing Machine with light and heavy-duty fiber-optic cables
  • ‘Shale Machine’ experimental facility
  • ‘Magic Box’ heat and solute experimentation facility
  • Thermal Imaging Camera FLIR S60
  • Thermal Properties Analyzer Decagon KD2 pro
  • 2 x Fluke 1524 reference thermometers
  • 2 x National Instruments USB Data Acquisition Systems (USB-6225)
  • 3 x 10-channel high-resolution Thermometers (custom built)
  • Trimble R8 differential GPS system (base, rover and radio booster)
  • Electrical Resistivity Imaging (Abem Terrameter LS with 12 channels and 64 electrodes, Cable sets for 2.5 and 5 meter takeout-spacing)
  • Seismics (Abem Terraloc Pro with 24 channels, Cable for 5 meter takeout-spacing)
  • Surface conductivity survey (Geonics EM31-MK2)
  • Geovista Downhole Geophysics Loggers (Caliper, EM39, Dual Induction conductivity, Gamma Ray (Bulk), Gamma Ray (Spectral), Sonic, Camera)
  • Gravity meters (Scintrex CG-5 autograv portable gravity meter, 2X Micro gLacoste G phones)

The CWI has numerous equipment deployed permanently in the field. This includes:

  • Weather stations (numerous, see groundwater.anu.edu.au for location)
  • Hach auto samplers (2)
  • Solinst pressure transducers (more than 100, most with temperature or EC)
  • Stalagmate infiltration drip loggers (more than 80)

The CWI has licenses for the following software:

  • Aquachem
  • Rockware
  • Geochemists Workbench
  • Aqtesolv
  • FLAC
  • Ground water Modeling System (GMS) license for MODFLOW and sub-surface characterization by Aquaveo (BEES)
  • MIKE SHE for coupled surface water-groundwater modeling by DHI (BEES)
  • Leapfrog 3D:  (BEES) 3D geological modelling export to MODFLOW and FEFLOW
  • MOVE (BEES) 3D geological modelling
  • Isatis (CVEN) Geostatistics
  • Menyanthes (BEES) Groundwater level response function modelling