Courses & careers

Courses & careers

Fieldwork in the Namoi

Various undergraduate, postgraduate, postdoctoral and faculty research scholarships and research grant opportunities are available for you to join the Connected Waters team here at UNSW.

Undergraduate Research

The following list provides a comprehensive, yet not exhaustive guide to undergraduate and postgraduate coursework available at UNSW that is relevant to CWI's focus areas. These courses are offered by the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, the School of Law and the School of Minerals & Energy Resources Engineering: 

  • CVEN3501Water Resource Engineering  
  • CVEN4503 Groundwater Resource Investigation
  • GEOS3733: Environmental Geophysics (also available as GEOS6733) 
  • GEOS2291: Earth’s Interconnections 
  • GEOS3721: Australian Soil Use and Management 
  • CVEN4800: Satellite Remote Sensing and Applications 
  • LAWS3361Environmental Law
  • LAWS9801: Aspects of Environmental Policy and Law 
  • LAWS8069Natural Resources Law 
  • PTRL3023Formation Evaluation 
  • PTRL4010Geological Modelling 
  • ARTS1240Environment and Society 
  • ARTS3241Environmental Justice  
  • ARTS2240Environment, Sustainability and Development 
  • ARTS2243Waste and Society 


  • JURD7369: Natural Resources Law 
  • JURD7361Environmental Law
  • CVEN9630: Groundwater Hydrology and Resources Analysis

  • CVENHT: Water Engineering: catchments to coasts (5341) 
  • CVENIT: Water Engineering: catchments to coasts (8338)
  • PTRL5107: Petrophysics  


We welcome enquires from international students to join us for their research projects. To visit us, it is only possible through the UNSW practicum exchange scheme. For details see the Practicum Exchange web page. You have to come from a UNSW practicum exchange partner university and have funds to support your stay, in exchange UNSW provides the necessary visas and free enrolment.

Postgraduate Research

We welcome enquiries from UNSW students to join us for their research projects. We encourage both international and domestic students can apply for various scholarship schemes. 

MPhil and MRes

MPhil (1.5 years) and Masters by Research (2 years) options are available through the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, School of Engineering and School of Law. 


We welcome both domestic and international PhD applicants. UNSW scholarships are available for both domestic and international PhD researchers. 

The schemes typically open twice a year. Please note that all scholarships are very competitive, and for that reason, we especially recommend researchers who have existing research experience should consider applying. Further information about UNSW's PhD programs is available on the UNSW PhD Program site.