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Analysis of Sediment Cores, Prospect Reservoir. UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report 2004/18. Timms, W. & Hudson, R. Technical reports 2004
Real Time analyses of low volume samples using ion-selective microelectrodes. Ground Water Monitoring and Remediation, 24(4): 67-72. Timms, W. & Hendry, M. J. Technical journals & books 2004
Exchange Rates that Control Migration of Naturally Occurring Solutes in Unoxidised Clay Till. Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, 27 - 30 October, 2002, Denver, USA. Timms, W. & Hendry, M. J. Conference presentations 2002
Installation of Monitoring Bores at the Tomago Sandbeds. UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report 2003/44. Timms, W. & Groskops, M. Technical reports 2003
Feasibility of Groundwater Supplies for Irrigation of Waverly Council Parks. UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report 2004/03. Timms, W. & Frazer, A. Technical reports 2004
Groundwater Quality on the Liverpool Plains, NSW - The impact of dryland agriculture on agrochemical, nutrient and salt concentrations of alluvial groundwaters. International Association of Hydrologists Groundwater Conference 1998, Groundwater: Sustainable Solutions. Timms, W. & Cooper, B. Conference presentations 1998
Groundwater Quality Sampling at Redlands – Updated Baseline Results. UNSW Water Research Laboratory Technical Report 2004/23. Timms, W. & Badenhop, A. Technical reports 2004
Induced Leakage through Aquitard Fractures and Windows - Impacts on Groundwater Quality at Irrigation Sites. 9th Murray Darling Basin Groundwater Workshop, Bendigo. February 17 - 19, 2004. Timms, W. & Acworth, R.I. Conference presentations 2004
Is the Liverpool Plains groundwater system in balance? - The impact of rainfall and flooding versus anthropogenic factors. LPLMC-DLWC Water Balance and Agriculture Research Forum, Gunnedah, 22-23 September., 1998 Timms, W. & Acworth, R.I. Conference presentations 1998
rigin, lithology and weathering characteristics of Late Tertiary-Quarternary clay aquitard units on the Lower Murrumbidgee alluvial fan. Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, 49(3): 525-537. DOI 10.1046/j.1440-0952.2002.00936.x. Timms, W. & Acworth, R. I. Technical journals & books 2002