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Drip Water Hydrology and Speleothems. . Nature Education Knowledge 3(5):16 Baker, A. & Fairchild, I. J. Technical journals & books 2012
Decadal scale rainfall variability in Ethiopia recorded in an annually laminated, Holocene-age, stalagmite. Holocene vol 20 (6), pp. 827 - 836. Baker, A., Asrat, A, Fairchild, IJ, Leng MJ, Jex, CN et al Technical journals & books 2010
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Groundwater hydrogeochemistry in the unsaturated zone of a paleokarstified Devonian limestone, SE Australia. Paper presented to the 39th International Association of Hydrogelogist Congress 2012. Niagara Falls, ON. In Congress Program and Book of Abstracts, P 59-60 Baker, A., Jex, C., Andersen, M.S., Graham, P. & Markowska, M. Conference presentations 2012
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Spatial variability and its influence on the runoff hydrograph. Proc. 1997 Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium, I.E.Aust, Auckland, New Zealand, pp 429 - 434. Ball, J.E. & Hassey, M Conference presentations 1997
Inference of catchment modelling system control parameters, Proc. UDM '98: Developments in Urban Drainage Modelling, London, UK, Vol. 1, pp 313 - 320. Ball, J.E. & Powell, M. Conference presentations 1998