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Impact of porous media grain size on the transport of multi-walled carbon nanotube. Environmental Science and Technology vol 45 (22) pp 9765-9775. Mattison, NT, O'Carroll, DM, Rowe, RK & Petersen EJ Technical journals & books 2011
Modelling complex geological structures with elementary training images and transform-invariant distances. Water Resources Research vol 47(W07527). Mariethoz, G & Kelly BFJ Technical journals & books 2011
Extrapolating the fractal characteristics of an image using scale-invariant multiple-point statistics. Mathematical Geosciences vol 43 (7), pp783-797. Mariethoz, G, Renard, P & Straubhaar, J Technical journals & books 2011
A 500 yr speleothem-derived reconstruction of late autumn-winter precipitation, North East Turkey. Quaternary Research, vol 75, pp 399-405. Jex, CN, Baker, A, Eden, JM, Eastwood, WJ, Fairchild, IJ, Leng, MJ, Thomas, L. & Sloane, HJ Technical journals & books 2011
Better placement of soil moisture point measurements guided by 2D resistivity tomography for improved irrigation scheduling. Soil Research vol 49 (6) pp 504-12. Kelly, BFJ, Acworth, RI & Greve, AK Technical journals & books 2011
Experimental investigation of nonequilibrium capillarity effects: Fluid viscosity effects. Water Resources Research vol 47 (W09507). Goel, G. & O'Carroll, DM Technical journals & books 2011
Comparison of three geostatistical methods for hydrofacies simulation: a test on alluvial sediments. Hydrogeology Journal, 2011. dell'Arciprete, D, Bersezio, R, Felletti, F,Giudici, M, Comunian, A & Renard, P Technical journals & books 2011
In Press. Electrokinetics enhanced delivery of nano-scale zero valent iron. Advances in Water Resources. Chowdhury, A, O'Carroll, DM, Xu, Y & Sleep, BE Technical journals & books 2011
The application of fluorescence spectroscopy to organic matter characterisation in drinking water treatment. Reviews in Environmental Science and Biotechnology. vol 10, pp 277-290. Bridgeman, J, Bieroza, M & Baker, A Technical journals & books 2011
A 2000 year lipid biomarker record preserved in a stalagmite from NW Scotland. Journal of Quaternary Science, vol 26, pp 326-334. Blyth, AJ, Thomas, LE, Calsteren, PV & Baker, A Technical journals & books 2011