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The vertical permeability of the Leederville Formation and South Perth Shale – New insights from centrifuge testing in Perth, WA. Australian Groundwater Conference 2015 Abstracts, 193 Doug Anderson Conference presentations 2015
The vertical head distribution in a coastal sand-dune aquifer. In Sililo et al. (Editors), Groundwater: Past Achievements and Future Challenges, Balkema, Rotterdam, ISBN 90 5809 159 7, 67 - 72. Acworth, R. I., Soriano, R. & Turner, I. L. Conference presentations 2000
The variation under different conditions of the influence of in-exfiltration on swash-zone sediment transport. Coastal Engineering 2004, Proceedings of the 29th International Conference, Vol. 3, 2377-2389, World Scientific Publishing Co, New Jersey. ISBN:981-256-995-2. Butt, T., Russell, P., Turner, I.L., Miles, J. and Masselink, G. Conference presentations 2005
The Use of Natural Heat as a Tracer to Quantify Surface Water and Groundwater Interactions: Maules Creek, New South Wales, Australia. University of New South Wales Connected Waters Initiative, March 2008. Rau G., A. McCallum, M.S. Andersen and R.I. Acworth General articles in popular publications 2008
The use of borehole tomography to image the saline interface - a case study from New South Wales, Australia. In Sililo et al. (Editors), Groundwater: Past Achievements and Future Challenges, Balkema, Rotterdam, ISBN 90 5809 159 7, 127 - 130. Dasey, G. R & Acworth, R.I. Conference presentations 2000
The ups and downs of groundwater in the Murray-Darling Basin. Inland Rivers Network News, Summer 2011, page 5. Timms, WA. General articles in popular publications 2011
The transfer of seasonal isotopic variability between precipitation and drip water at eight caves in the monsoon regions of China. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 183, 250-266 Duan, W., Ruan, J., Luo, W., Li, T., Tian, L., Zeng, G., Zhang, D., Bai, Y., Li, J., Tao, T., Zhang, P., Baker, A. and Tan, M. Technical journals & books 2016
The role of groundwater dissolved organic matter on arsenic mobilisation in a shallow alluvial aquifer in the Namoi Valley, NSW, Australia. Australian Groundwater Conference 2015 Abstracts, 126 Nur Syahiza Zainuddin, Dr Martin Andersen, Prof Andy Baker, Dr Richard Crane, Associate Professor Denis O'Carroll, Dr Chris Marjo, Dr Helen Rutlidge Conference presentations 2015
The role of debris-flow deposits in dryland salinity development in the Yass River Catchment, New South Wales, Australia. Hydrogeology Journal, v. 5, no. 1, p 22--36. DOI 10.1007/s100400050107. Acworth, R. I., Broughton, A., Nicoll, C., & J. Jankowski. Technical journals & books 1997
The relationship between the 1947 shift in climate and the expansion of dryland salinity on the western slopes of the Great Dividing Range in NSW. In "Salinity, water, society - global issues, local action". Proceedings of the 2nd International Salinity forum, 31 March-3 April 2008, Adelaide. Rancici, A., Acworth, RI. Conference presentations 2008