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Investigation of groundwater impact from the disposal of sewage effluent at Goulburn, NSW. WRL Research Report No. 202, 45 pp. ISBN: 0 85824 037 8. Acworth, R.I., Bligh, M. & Ashbolt, N. Research reports 1999
Evidence for mixing beneath a tidal creek using time-lapse electrical imaging, an example from Hat Head, Australia. In: Groundwater Flow Understanding XXXIII IAH Conference, Zaxatecas, Mexico, 11 to 15 October, 2004- ISBN 970-32-1749-4. Acworth, R.I. and Dasey, Greg Conference presentations 2004
Recharge through smectite clays on the Liverpool Plains, New South Wales, Australia. In: Groundwater Flow Understanding XXXIII IAH Conference, Zaxatecas, Mexico, 11 to 15 Octobert, 2004 - ISBN 970-32-1749-4. Acworth, R.I. & Timms W.A Conference presentations 2004
Investigation of EM31 anomalies at Yarramanbah/Pump Station Creek on the Liverpool Plains of New South Wales. Research Report 195, Water Research Laboratory, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The University of New South Wales, ISBN 0/85824/028/9, 57p. Acworth, R.I. & Beasley, R. Research reports 1998
Monitoring soil moisture status in a black Vertosol on the Liverpool Plains, NSW, using a combination of neutron scattering and electrical imaging methods. Australian Journal of Soil Research 43, 105-117. DOI 10.1071/SRO4064. Acworth, R. I., Young, R. & Bernardi, T. Technical journals & books 2005
The vertical head distribution in a coastal sand-dune aquifer. In Sililo et al. (Editors), Groundwater: Past Achievements and Future Challenges, Balkema, Rotterdam, ISBN 90 5809 159 7, 67 - 72. Acworth, R. I., Soriano, R. & Turner, I. L. Conference presentations 2000
Interaction between coastal sand-dune aquifers, adjacent wetlands and sea water. In: J. Van Brahana et al. (Editors), Proceedings of the XXVIII Congress of the International Association of Hydrogeologists, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 27 September - 2 October, 1998, 461 - 468. Acworth, R. I., Jankowski, J., Turner, I. & Soriano, R. Conference presentations 1998
The role of debris-flow deposits in dryland salinity development in the Yass River Catchment, New South Wales, Australia. Hydrogeology Journal, v. 5, no. 1, p 22--36. DOI 10.1007/s100400050107. Acworth, R. I., Broughton, A., Nicoll, C., & J. Jankowski. Technical journals & books 1997
Hydrogeological investigation of mud-mound springs developed over a weathered basalt aquifer on the Liverpool Plains, New South Wales, Australia. Hydrogeology Journal 11(6): 659-672. DOI 10.1007/s10040-003-0278-0. Acworth, R. I. & Timms, W. Technical journals & books 2003
Hydrogeochemical zonation of groundwater in the Botany Sands aquifer, Sydney. AGSO Journal of Australian Geology and Geophysics, 14, p. 193-199. Acworth, R. I. & Jankowski, J. Technical journals & books 1993