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Toward improved estimation of groundwater recharge and evapotranspiration using coupled vs. integrated hydrologic models. Poster Presentation. International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) 2011, Melbourne, Australia, 28 June-7 July 2011. Ajami, H, McCabe, MF, Stisen, S & Evans.JP Conference presentations 2011
Assessing the Impact of Model Spin up on Surface Water-Groundwater Interactions Using an Integrated Hydrologic Model . American Geophysical Union San Francisco December 2012 Ajami, H, McCabe, MF, Evans, JP & Stisen, S Conference presentations 2012
RIPGIS-NET: A GIS tool for riparian groundwater evapotranspiration in MODFLOW. Ground Water, vol 50 (1) pp 154-158. Ajami, H, Maddock III, T, Meixner, T, Hogan, JF & Guertin.DP Technical journals & books 2011
RIPGIS-NET: A GIS Tool for Riparian Groundwater Evapotranspiration in MODFLOW. Ground Water. Vol. 50, p. 154 - 158 Ajami, H, Maddock III, T, Meixner, T, Hogan, J & Guertin, D.P. Technical journals & books 2012
Cross-creek electrical imaging to monitor a time-varying freshwater saltwater interface. Invited paper to the Edgworth David Symposium on Geophysics for Groundwater, Sydney Universtity - 28 November 2003. Acworth. R.I. Conference presentations 2003
Aquitard storativity estimates based upon geophysical (cross-hole and MASW) measurements of the bulk modulus. International Association of Hydrogeologists Niagara, Canada 16-21 September Acworth, RI, Timms, WA, Fitzpatrick, A & Greve, A K Conference presentations 2012
Hydrogeological study of the Baldry site. UNSW Water Research Laboratory Research Report No. 235. April, 2009. Acworth, RI, Timms W, Bernadi R. Research reports 2009
Measurements of vertical environmental-head profiles in unconfined sand aquifers using a multi-channel manometer board. Hydrogeology Journal. DOI 10.1007/s10040-007-0178-09. Acworth, RI Technical journals & books 2007
Improved contamination assessment of a domestic landfill using integrated geophysical, geochemical and hydrogeological methods. In: Proceedings of the 25th Congress of the International Association of Hydrogeologists, Adelaide, SA, 21 - 25 November, 1994, Vol. 2, Part A, 235-240. Acworth, R.I., Kelly, B. & Jankowski, J. Conference presentations 1994
Detailed hydrogeochemical sampling of an unconsolidated sand aquifer in the Botany Basin, Sydney, Australia: I. Drilling and sampling methodology. In: E. Helios-Rybicka and W.S. Sikora (Eds), Proceedings of the 3rd international Symposium on Environmental Geochemistry, 12-15 September, 1994, Krakow, Poland, 5-6. Acworth, R.I., Jankowski, J., Evans, D.J. & Groskops, M.A. Conference presentations 1994