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Modelling the spatial variability of rainfall over a catchment. ASCE, Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, 3(2):122-130. DOI 10.1061/(ASCE)1084-0699(1998)3:2(122). Ball, J.E. and Luk, KC Technical journals & books 1998
Applications of information systems in total catchment management, Proc. Second International Conference on Environmental Management, University of Wollongong, Wollongong, Australia, Published by Pergamon, pp 573 - 581. Ball, J.E., Coates, A. & Waite, T.D. Conference presentations 1998
An assessment of the availability of pollutant constituents on road surfaces. Science of the Total Environment, 209:243-254. DOI 10.1016/S0048-9697/(98)80115-0. Ball, J.E., Jenks, R. & Aubourg, D. Technical journals & books 1998
Evaluation of rainfall and wetland water area variability at Thirlmere Lakes using Landsat time-series data. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 1-12. doi:10.1007/s13762-016-1018-z Banerjee, B., Raval, S., Timms, W. Technical journals & books 2016
Renard: High-resolution reconstruction of three- dimensional sedimentary aquifer analog: the Herten case study. Geophysical Research Abstracts Vol. 13, EGU 2011. Bayer, P, Comunian, A, Straubhaar, J, Huggenberger, P & P Conference presentations 2011
Three-dimensional high resolution fluvio-glacial aquifer analog: Part 1: Field study. Journal of Hydrology vol 405, pp 1 - 9. Bayer, P, Huggenberger, P, Renard, P & Comunian, A Technical journals & books 2011
Transport of four conservative elements through the Botany Sands aquifer, Sydney, Australia. In: T. R. Weaver and C. R. Lawrence (Editors), Proceedings of the International Groundwater Conference 1998: Groundwater: Sustainable Solutions, Melbourne, 8 - 13 February, 1998, 101 - 106. Beck, P., Jankowski, J. & Acworth, R. I. Conference presentations 1998
A GC/MS method for the analysis of DNAPL contamination in the range 10ppm to 2000ppm. UNSW Water Research Laboratory Research Report No. 192. ___pp, etc. Beck, R. & Acworth, R. I. Research reports 1996
Salinisation processes in an irrigation environment: Coleambally Irrigation Area, Coleambally, New South Wales. Murray Darling Basin Groundwater Workshop. Adelaide 4-6 September 2001 . Paper 5B.2 Bell, J., Acworth, R. I., Timms, W. & Jankowski, J. Conference presentations 2001
Conditioning a surface-based model to wells and thickness data. Mathematical Geosciences, doi: 10.1007/s11004-013-9455-4 Bertoncello A, Sun T, Li H, Mariethoz G, Caers J. Technical journals & books 2013