IAH Presentations 2009

Schedule of presentations 2009
10-02-09David Allen
Groundwater Imaging
Geophysical imaging for aquifer recharge investigation in Western NSWDownload
(PDF 14.6MB)
10-03-09Sarah Groves
Phosphate adsorption for water quality treatment. 
07-04-09Grant Hose (& Jose Lategan)
Macquarie University
GDEs & microbiology of Sydney groundwaters 
12-05-09Dr James Smith
News on contaminated sites regulations, NSWDownload
(PDF 626KB)
09-07-09Peter Cook
CSIRO 2009 Darcy Lecturer
Environmental Tracers 
04-05 August 09Groundwater in the Sydney Basin Symposium  
 Colin Booth
Northern Illinois University
Groundwater hydrology of unerground coal mining and mine subsidence 
 Larry McKay
University of Tennessee, 2008 BD Lecturer
The role of fractures and macropores in critical zone hydrology - cracks in clay 
29-09-09Peter Dundon
An integrated hydro-geotechnical modelling approach to predicting impacts of subsidence above longwall coal mines on groundwater and surface water flows in the Hunter Valley Download
(PDF 3.99MB)
20-10-09Students nightGroundwater 2010: The Challenge of Sustainable Management 
 Jamal Nejem
Effect of scale on groundwater-surface water estimates 
 Claire Glendenning
University of Sydney
Aquifer recharge with harvested stormwater, Rajasthan IndiaDownload
(PDF 1.58MB)
11-11-09Chunmiao Zheng
Birdsall-Dreiss Lecture
University of Alabama
Understanding Solute Transport in Extremely Heterogeneous Porous Media 
08-12-09Chris Waring
Measurement of hydraulic conductivity, porosity and lithology by neutron activation borehole logging at high spatial resolution increments Download
(PDF 6.05MB)