IAH Presentations 2008

Schedule of presentations 2007-2008
02-12-08Philip Nienhuis
Amsterdam Water Supply / Waternet
Amsterdam Dune Area: Feasibility of monitoring to validate potential impacts to neighbouring agricultural industries 
03-11-08Darcy Lecture
Dr Michael Celia
Princeton University
Geological Storage as a Carbon Mitigation Option

Subsurface Hydrology Research Group

Media release

21-10-08Student night
Anna-Katarina Greve
Monitoring Depth of Soil Cracking in Irrigated FieldsDownload
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 Cynthia The
3D spatial analysis of bore hydrograph data in the Lower NamoiDownload
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09-09-08Dr Martin Andersen
Groundwater - surface water interaction and field methodsDownload
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17-07-08Katarina David
Parsons Brinckerhoff
 Hydrogeological investigation techniques in a karst environment, CroatiaDownload
(5.2 MB) 07-05-08
07-05-08Phil Mulvey
Earth and Environmental Sciences
Groundwater infiltration project, Nelson Bay 
01-04-08Dr Jim Constantz
Use of heat as a tracer method in surface water groundwater interactions 
15-02-08Dr Bridget Scanlon
Birdsall-Dreiss Lecture
University of Texas at Austin
Groundwater - surface water interaction and field methods

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15-01-08Dieke Postma
Technical University of Denmark
Arsenic mobilisation in groundwater in the Red River floodplain, VietnamDownload
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04-12-07Ross Brodie
Bureau of Rural Sciences
Groundwater resource assessment framework modelled on the mineral resouces industryDownload
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29-03-07Professor Paul Philp
University of Oklahoma
Applications of compound-specific stable isotopic analysis to environmental forensicsDownload
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