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Hydrological modelling of stalagmite d18O response to glacial-interglacial transitions. Geophysical Research Letters. 40, 3207–3212 Baker, A., Bradley, C. and Phipps, S.J. Technical journals & books 2013
Biogeochemical cycling of sulphur in karst and transfer into speleothem archives at Grotta di Ernesto, Italy. Biogeochemistry 114, 255-267 Wynn, P.M., Borsato, A., Baker, A., Frisia, S., Miorandi, R. and Fairchild, I.J. Technical journals & books 2013
An isotopic and modelling study of flow paths and storage in Quaternary calcarenite, SW Australia: implications for speleothem paleoclimate records. Quaternary Science Reviews, 64, 90-103 Treble, P.C., Bradley, C., Wood, A, Baker, A., Jex, C.N., Fairchild, I.J., Gagan, M.K., Cowley, J., Azcurra, C. Technical journals & books 2013
Salt deposition and brine evolution in the Granada Basin (Late Tortonian, SE Spain). Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. Vol. 369, p. 452-465. García-Veigas J., Cendón D.I., Rosell L., Ortí F.,Torres Ruiz J., Martín J.M., Sanz E. Technical journals & books 2013
Conditional simulation of realistic meandering channels using 1D multiple-point simulations . Geostatistics Oslo 2012 Mariethoz, G, Comunian, A, Irarrazaval, I & Renard, P Conference presentations 2013
Hydraulic Conductivity Testing of Drill Core - Surat Basin. WRL Technical Report Water Research Laboratory, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering UNSW Timms, WA, Rahman, PF, McGeeney, DE & Whelan, M Technical reports 2012
An improved methodology for 3D multiple-point simulation from 2D training images. PROCEEDINGS OF geoENV2012, Valencia, Spain September 19-21 Comunian, A, Renard, P., Straubhaar, J. & Kelly, B.F.J. Conference presentations 2012
Reconstruction of multivariate satellite images using multiple-point statistics . 2012 Oslo, Norway June 11-15 Mariethoz, G, Renard, P. & McCabe, MF Conference presentations 2012
Integrating collocated auxiliary parameters in geostatistical simulations using joint probability distributions and probability aggregation. Water Resources Research. Vol. 45, W08421 Mariethoz, G Technical journals & books 2012
Hydraulic Conductivity Testing of Drill Core - Broken Hill MAR . WRL Technical Report Water Research Laboratory, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering UNSW Timms, WA, Ruprecht, J & Greve, A K Technical reports 2012