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New Environmental Governance: Environmental Harms, Enforcement and Collaboration. In T. Spapens, R. White, & W. Huisman (Eds.), Environmental Crime in Transnational Context Global Issues in Green Enforcement and Criminology (pp. 157-173): Routledge. Holley, C. Technical journals & books 2016
Groundwater recharge and time lag measurement through Vertosols using impulse response functions. Journal of Hydrology 535 22-35. doi:10.1016/j.jhydrol.2016.01.042 Hocking, M., and Kelly, B. F. J. Technical journals & books 2016
Collective Management of Groundwater. In Integrated Groundwater Management: Concepts, Approaches and Challenges (Eds.) A. Jakeman, O. Barreteau, R. Hunt, J. D. Rinaudo and A. Ross, Springer. Holley, C., D. Sinclair, E. Lopez-Gunn and E. Schlarger Technical journals & books 2016
Palaeohydrological evolution and implications for palaeoclimate since the Late Glacial at Laguna de Fuente de Piedra, southern Spain. Quaternary International, 407, 29-46. doi:10.1016/j.quaint.2016.02.051 Hoebig, N., Mediavilla, R., Gibert, L., Santisteban, J. I., Cendon, D. I., Ibanez, J., & Reicherter, K. Technical journals & books 2016
Linking Law and New Governance: Examining Gaps, Hybrids, and Integration in Water Policy. Law & Policy 38(1): 24-53 Holley, C. Technical journals & books 2016
River-groundwater connectivity in a karst system, Wellington, NSW, Australia. Hydrogeology Journal Keshavarzi, M., Baker, A., Andersen, M.S and Kelly, B.J. Technical journals & books 2016
Mapping karst features and recharge pathways using resistivity imaging: A case study Wellington Caves, NSW, Australia. Australian Groundwater Conference 2015 Abstracts, 236 Mohammadreza Keshavarzi, Bryce Kelly, Andy Baker Conference presentations 2015
Quantifying the impact of leaky wells using AEM in the Condamine Catchment . Australian Groundwater Conference 2015 Abstracts, 32 Mark Hocking, Dr Craig Beverly, Associate Professor Bryce Kelly Conference presentations 2015
Shallow groundwater recharge and residence time in two separate flood plains along an aridity gradient in South Queensland, Australia. Australian Groundwater Conference 2015 Abstracts, 54 Dioni Cendón, Associate Professor Bryce F.J. KELLY, Dr Josh LARSEN, Stuart HANKIN, Dr Cath HUGHES, Dr Karina MEREDITH, Dr Suzanne HOLLINS, Charlotte IVERACH Conference presentations 2015
Groundwater and Planning: Sustainable Allocation, Monitoring and Community Engagement. Australian Groundwater Conference 2015 Abstracts, 9 Cameron Holley Conference presentations 2015