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Nitrate and pesticides in groundwater on the Liverpool Plains. LPLMC-DLWC Water Balance and Agriculture Research Forum, Gunnedah, 22-23 Sept., 1998. Timms, W. Conference presentations 1998
In Situ Gas-Liquid-Solid Fluidisation for Remediation of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Sands. Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 35(6). DOI 10.1139/cgj-35-6-938. Niven R.K. & Khalili, N. Technical journals & books 1998
Modelling the spatial variability of rainfall over a catchment. ASCE, Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, 3(2):122-130. DOI 10.1061/(ASCE)1084-0699(1998)3:2(122). Ball, J.E. and Luk, KC Technical journals & books 1998
Investigation of EM31 anomalies at Yarramanbah/Pump Station Creek on the Liverpool Plains of New South Wales. Research Report 195, Water Research Laboratory, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The University of New South Wales, ISBN 0/85824/028/9, 57p. Acworth, R.I. & Beasley, R. Research reports 1998
An assessment of the availability of pollutant constituents on road surfaces. Science of the Total Environment, 209:243-254. DOI 10.1016/S0048-9697/(98)80115-0. Ball, J.E., Jenks, R. & Aubourg, D. Technical journals & books 1998
Metals and hydrocarbons in stormwater runoff from urban roads. Investigation Report ET/IR98, Division of Energy Technology, Centre for Advanced Analytical Chemistry, CSIRO. Brockbank, C.I., Batley, G.E., Ball, J.E. & Tilley, J.H. Research reports 1998
An application of artificial neural networks for rainfall forecasting. Research Report 194, Water Research Laboratory, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The University of New South Wales, ISBN 0/85824/031/9, 60p. Luk, K.C., Ball, J.E. & Sharma, A. Research reports 1998
Groundwater quality in an aquifer aquitard system subjected to large volume abstraction for irrigation in the Lower Murrumbidgee. Murray-Darling Basin Groundwater Workshop Integrated Perspectives, 14-16th September, 1999, Griffith, p131-136. Timms, W., Acworth R. I., Jankowski, J. & Lawson, S. Conference presentations 1999
Groundwater contamination investigation using CCPTs. In: Water99 Joint Congress - Brisbane, Australia 6-8 July 1999. Weisner, T. & Acworth, R. I. Conference presentations 1999
Investigation of groundwater impact from the disposal of sewage effluent at Goulburn, NSW. WRL Research Report No. 202, 45 pp. ISBN: 0 85824 037 8. Acworth, R.I., Bligh, M. & Ashbolt, N. Research reports 1999