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A comparison of artificial neural networks for rainfall forecasting. Proc. 1997 Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium, I.E.Aust, Auckland, New Zealand, pp339 - 344. Luk, K.C., Ball, J.E. & Sharma, A. Conference presentations 1997
An application of artificial neural networks for rainfall forecasting. Proc. MODSIM 97 - International Congress on Modelling and Simulation, Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia, Hobart, Australia, pp77 - 82. Luk, K.C., Ball, J.E., & Sharma, A. Conference presentations 1997
Liverpool Plains Salinity Mapping - Progress Report. Proceedings of the International Workshop on Radar Image Processing and Applications. University of New South Wales, Sydney, 6-8 November, 1995. Published by CSIRO Office of Space Science and Applications. Moore, M. & Acworth, I. Conference presentations 1997
Physical and numerical modelling of infiltration through a landfill cover. International Conference on Engineering Geology, Athens, Greece, July, Balkema, pp 2203-2208. Swarbrick, G.E. & Koupai, J.A. Conference presentations 1997
Managing the total groundwater system on the Liverpool Plain, NSW - The relationship between shallow saline groundwaters and confined alluvial aquifers. Murray Darling Basin Commission Workshop 1997, Toowoomba, 26 - 28 August, 1997. Timms, W. Conference presentations 1997
Tides, Waves and the Super-elevation of Groundwater at the Coast. Journal of Coastal Research, V. 13 (1), p. 45-60. Turner, I.L., Coates, B.P., and Acworth, R.I. Technical journals & books 1997
Modification of substratum physiochemistry by material adsorbed from groundwater - Analysis by contact angles and relevance to microbial adhesion. Geomicrobiology, v. 14, p. 151-172. Schneider, R. P., Chadwick, B. R., Jankowski, J., and I. Acworth Technical journals & books 1997
Determination of physicochemical parameters of solids covered with conditioning films from groundwaters using contact angles - Comparitive analyses of different thermodynamic approaches using a range of diagnostic liquids. Colloids and Surfaces A. Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects, v. 126, p. 1-23. DOI 10.1016/S0927-7757(96)03885-X. Schneider, R. P., Chadwick, B. R., Jankowski, J., & I. Acworth Technical journals & books 1997
Vertical hydrochemical zonation in a coastal section of the Botany Sands Aquifer, Sydney, Australia. Hydrogeology Journal, v.5, No 2, p. 64--74. DOI 10.1007/s100400050117. Lavitt, N, Acworth, R. I., & Jankowski, J. Technical journals & books 1997
Impact of debris-flow deposits on hydrogeochemical processes and dryland salinity development in the Yass River Catchment, New South Wales, Australia. Hydrogeology Journal, v.5, n. 4, p.71-88. DOI 10.1007/s100400050119. Jankowski, J & R. I. Acworth Technical journals & books 1997